9-inch Android system car multimedia Tablet PC

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Autel MaxiCOM MK908P
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9-inch Android system, car multimedia Tablet PC
9-inch Android system, car multimedia Tablet PC
RMVB / RM / AVI 及びほかの一般的な動画フォーマットをサポートし、1080pのHD映画もサポートできます!

Random accessories (ランダムアクセサリー)
1.Device host?
2.Cigarette lighter power supply line ?
3.User manual
4.Installation fix parts ?
5.AV input connect cable(option)
6.Household power(option)
7.HDMI Data wire(option)
Machine specifications(仕様)
1.System: Android 2.3.5
2.processor: ? ? ??
Telechip Tcc8803 high-performance ARM11 processor ,main frequency 1GHZ support hardware 2D/3D graphics acceleration
3.memory :512M DDR2 high speed cache
4.storage: Built-in 1GB flash
5.Backup external SD card,maximum capacity is 32GB
6.wiress: IEEE802.11b/g wireless network
7.USB:USB2.0 OTG high speed connect port and USB1.1
8.Video output: HDMI video output connect port
9.Audio :3.5mm headphone jack
10.High-quality stereo loud speaker
11.Headphone maximum output power: 40mW
12.Range of frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
13.SNR: 90db more
14.Screen Size: 9 inch
15. Resolution: ?WVGA800*480
16. Colour : 1600 million colours
17.Operating ?Resistive single touch screen?
18. Other
? ? ? ?Size ? ? ? ? ? ? ?250*203*26mm
? ? ? ?Coulour ? ? ? Black/grey/beige
? ? ? ?Weight ? ? ? ? 1.86kg
? ? ? ?Battery ? ? ? ? DC12V/3A
19.Annex Power supply line : AV input connect line(option) ? ? ? ? ?
20. Installation fix parts : HDMI data line(option)
21. User manual : ?Household power(option)
Main features:
1.WIFI wireless Internet 3G dial-up Internet Cable Internet ADSL
2.HDMI HD TV Output
Support RMVB / RM / AVI and other common movie format, can play 1080P HD movies
4.office office software: word / Excel / ppt / pdf / txt
5. realistic e-book function, a book flip effect
6.Flash Web plug-in, potatoes Youku video online watch
7. built-in dual speakers
8.support for multiple languages
You will often use the following functions:
1.Surfing the Internet: on the WWW (computer version) WAP (mobile) web browser news, onlookers celebrity microblogging.
2 movies: RMVB / RM / of AIV full-format HD player. The can QQLIVE / Youku / potatoes, watch movies online.
3 Online website: http://live.qq.com like to nest ranking comrades HMDI HD output to large LCD screen, the family is the movie theater.
4.Book: realistic 3D open book effects, Import TXT files directly generate in book form but also to online reading.
5 chat to steal food: QQ / Want / Fetion / MSN, and how you love to chat on how talk. The diary can also sign space, stealing food,?
you can install the pinyin / stroke input method, can not type also can be handwritten, but afraid you can not write.
6.Investors Gospel: support for a variety of stock software, can be viewed in real time the market.
7.Mobile office: office office software, word / excel / ppt / pdf full support of the white-collar family of workaholics walking time can be office.
8. games: massive game software, educational / speed everything. Recently popular, such as anger bird / plant vs.?
Zombies / finding fault Tourism / Fast Speed / Pearl of the Three Kingdoms ...
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Attention: please leave your telephone number for shipping arrival when you make payment for this product on our website.