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正規商品AutoHex II Scan tool for BMW診断&プログラミングツール[一年間無料アップデート]

商品番号 SP221
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市場価格:569,990 円
現価:562,500 円 節約 ¥7,490.00
AutoHex II BMW software takes you to the mastering in BMW if you have just basic skills. It combines all workshops needs,besides the full diagnose functions and full service functions
Original AutoHex II Scan tool for BMW  Diagnose and Programming

AUTHEX II the dream of BMW specialist, now its real contact us to get your best device for latest technology with affordable price lets have a look about the functions and compare with other devices.

Web Site:  www.autohex.net
Highlights for Autohex II BMW:
Full programming , ECU reflash, ecu EGS alignement, cas DME alignment, ECU update online
Adaptation for any ECU online through a server. Safe 100% and back up because of server
Cas firmware changing
Cas replacement in 20 second even for cas 3 and 3+
ISN manager read/writefor DME MSV70, MSD80, MSD81, MSD802, MSD812, MSD851, MSV80, MSD85, MSV801, MSD87, MSV90 etc.. Reading takes about 12 minutes only (other devices needs about 40 minutes) and its done online for your safety.
Key programming cas  1  2 3  3+ Safety 100%. Its the only device which can gather all in one with such safety. The service of autohex is 12/24 you Just need to whatsapp us and we can add any function u suggest for free
All this in one device and one time And such price
Smart key  toyota is special toyota techstream with passcode calculator

Autohex II BMW Function:

● 車にあるECUが紛失した場合「ECUに異なるVINを持っている場合」に、独立なコーディングとプログランマが許します。
全てのECU「CAS ECUがふくまれる」のVINが変更可能
他の中古CASでCAS1、2、3と3+ ECUの定義を変更可能
フルなプログランマ:ECUリフラッシュ、ECU EGSアライメント、CASアライメント、DMEアライメン
CASために使ったDMEに匹敵可能「ISNの匹敵は128 bitsもふくまれ」
ディーラーのソフトウェア「ISTA D/Pラインゴールド」を完全に動かせ
二つのサーバーオンラインで、もっと便利に、また12/24がサポート「teamviewer、 emails、skypeとwhatsapp」

Update release 18/05/2015

A Major update for BMW software in this version:
    - F series Coding and Flashing.
    - A new method of calculation for matching the unmatched ECUs in E and F series.
    - BMW F series models 2015 Ecus have been added for diagnose.
    - More ISN for E series can be read in this version.
    - ISTA D/P driver has been optimized to be faster.

    1- A large data for download is required, PC/Laptop must have 2 GB free space.
    2- Users must uninstall old version of Autohex and download a new setup program from website.
AUTOHEX II  vs  BMW explorer
*Bmw explorer not so well in key prgramming. To get ISN msv80 u need 40min and not sure to make and not safe 100%
*To get this function in explorer  u need to pay   up to 6000$
* BMW explorer is not online so there is no back up for any lost in informations
*BMW explorer has no technical assistance , we can ask any simple owner to get that result
*BMW explorer has no free update and you need to pay for any serious update in function
*BMW explorer has no server for backup and fast calculation.
AUTOHEX II vs BMW Wizard (solution)
*BMW wizard has no ISN function
*BMW wizard has no key programmer
*BMW wizard has no online support
*BMW wizard has no online update
*BMW wizard has no server
*BMW wizard wants too much money for update
*BMW wizard has no serious support
*BMW wizard need to pay 7000$ for it

How to install Autohex II?

First, double click the ((AutoHex_II_Setup_32.exe)) the software will prepare to install, then a new window will appear welcoming you, Press Next
then a window will appear showing the license and the agreement, Press Next. A new window will appear customer information 1.1enter Your Name and Your Organization.
A new window will appear setup type 1.2 chose complete and Press Next.
Then a new window will appear Ready to Install the Program 1.3 Press Install and wait.
A window will appear windows security 1.4 asking your conformation to install AutoHex II driver, chose Install this driver software anyway.
A message will appear AutoHexPC installer information 1.5, connect your AutoHex II via USB and Press OK.
Press Finish 1.6,your done now.
Video to see how to install Autohex II

Autohex II for BMW ECU Programming

Package including:

1pc x AUTOHEX II tool for BMW
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