Scorpio-LK SLK-06 Tango Key Programmer Toyota H Immobilizer All Keys Lost SLK06 エミュレータ と Key Maker ソフト

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商品番号SK80 Original Tango
商品番号SP100-E+SS210-D7 MB SD C4 PLUS +HDD
商品番号SP261-D OTC Plus 3 in 1 GTS TIS3 OTC
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Scorpio-LK SLK-06 エミュレータ と Key Maker ソフト(Tango キープログラマに使う)
Scorpio-LK Emulator SLK-06 for Tango Key Programmer supports Toyota H Immobilizer All Keys Lost
Scorpio-LK Emulators SLK-06 for Tango Key Programmer including Authorization

SLK-06 is battery powered. Note that a battery is not included with an emulator and has to be obtained locally. Three standard types of battery are compatible for our emulators: CR1616,CR1620.CR1632

If battery is removed all data from the emulator will be lost. When power is restored the default data will be loaded into the transponder memory.
Thus the transponder can be cleaned to default state just by taking off the battery.


Scorpio-LK Emulators SLK-06 Support List:
SLK-06 sniffer for Toyota-H Immobilizer AKL solution
Toyota H-Keys (Page1 3A, 7A)on TRPWS21 transponder
Reset Subaru SmartKey (F3)
Key maker BMW K19 (25160,DST80)

Other makers:
Key maker Nissan Micra 2005- (93C56,DST40)
Key maker Nissan Tiida 2005- (93C56,DST40)
Key maker SsangYong Action 2011- (S9S12,DST80)
Key maker Ford Cargo 2014- (24C64,DST40)
Key maker Buick Excelle 2013- (9S12,DST80)
Key maker Fiat Palio 2012- (95160,HITAG)
Key maker SAIC Kai Yue 2013- (9S12,DST80)
Key maker SAIC Datong V80 (95160,HITAG)
Key maker MAN truck (M29W160,MEG13)
Key maker BMW K19 (25160, DST80)*
Some bugs fixed

Tangoソフトウェア v1.114

Toyota-H Immobilizer キー全紛失のソリューション(全市場)*
Toyota-H Immobilizer AKLソリューション用SLK-06スニファ
TRPWS21トランスポンダー*上のトヨタHキー用のトゥルーイメージジェネレーター(Page1 3A、7A)*
キーメーカー日産ティーダ2005年 - (93C56、DST40)
キーメーカーBuick Excelle 2013-(9S12、DST80)
キーメーカーFiat Palio 2012-(95160、HITAG)
キーメーカーSAIC Kai Yue 2013-(9S12、DST80)
キーメーカーSAIC Datong V80(95160、HITAG)
キーメーカーBMW K19(25160、DST80)*

SLK-06 Emulator FAQ:

Q 1: Sniffer(Slk-06)Doesn't blink?
A 1: Not inserted or low battery/Not placed correctly or next to ignition switch/Low or not connected vehicle battery or some other hardware issue with the vehicle. The sniffer itself can be tested in Tango Place battery, start Tango and press Autodetect.

Q 2: During Obtaining data LED on SLK-06 blinks, but then it doesnt turn solid?
A 2: Data obtaining failure. At present moment roughly 50% of all vehicles equipped with H immobilizer ever produced can be done using our system. Unfortunately they can't be categorized by vehicle model/year/region, or even part number.

Q 3: Error: Calculation error. Please make a new sniffing and try calculate again.
A 3: Blank or no SLK-06 placed in Tango / Obtaining data steps were not performed.

Q 4: Error: Detected zero captured frame. Expected at least two frames.
A 4: During Obtaining data steps 1 to 8 were not performed.

Q 5: Error: Detected one captured frame. Expected at least two frames.
A 5: During Obtaining data step 8 were not performed.

Q 6: I have vehicle with H immo system, key page 1 20.
A 6: At present moment P1 20 are not supported, only the main types P1, 39, 59, 3A, 5A.


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