WOYO PDRライトペイントレス自動車凹みの修復ツール PDR Light Paintless Automotive Dent Remove Repair Tool PDR Tool

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19cm*3cm*3cm     ( Inch: 7.48*1.18*1.18 )
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WOYO PDR Light Paintless Automotive Dent Remove Repair Tool PDR Tool
WOYO PDRライトペイントレス自動車デント凹みを修復ツール
WOYO PDR LED Light APP is a portable diagnostic vehicle dent tool, which helps find and repair the auto dent by himself/herself. It features adjustable color temperature from 3200K to 5600K with LED display, applying to any condition of light source, three powerful suckers at any angle, and checking any dent on the surface of all kinds of medal plane.
WOYO PDR Light Paintless Automotive Dent Remove Repair Tools PDR Tool
WOYO PDRライトペイントレス自動車凹みの修復ツールがWOYO PDR LED Light APPと一緒に使えるのです、使用は簡単です。

WOYO PDR LED Light APPは、自己診断機能を備えた自己診断ツールです。 3200Kから5600KまでのLEDディスプレイ、光源の任意の状態、任意の角度での3つの強力な吸盤、およびあらゆる種類のメダルプレーンの表面のへこみをチェックすることができます。

「PDRライトペイントレス自動車凹みの修復ツール」この光/反射板は、作業者が凹みを容易に修復するのを助けるために使用される。 車体の一部を訓練することで、歪んだ部分は凹みがどこにあるかを反映します。 特に軽い色の車やハイライト条件に適しています。 自分で色温度を調整することもできます。 LEDディスプレイと3つの吸盤を使用すると、正確な色温度がわかり、修理作業がはるかに簡単になります。


WOYO PDR Light Light Description:

This light/reflection board is used to help operator easily repair the dent. By training part of the  auto body on the light, the distorted part will reflect where the dent is. It is suitable for light color car or highlight condition in particular. You can also adjust the color temperature by yourself. With LED display and three suckers, you would be clear about the exact color temperature and the repair work would be much easier.


1.WOYO PDR Light has two diiferent colors on both sieds:
one is white black and the other is yellow black.
You could choose the one that have the most clear result for detect the dents.
2.Strong suction cup base can be positioned anywhere
3.It's used for aligning the reflected lines of the board to a dent. The reflection becomes distorted where the dent is and you can then work your PDR tool behind the dent to make the distorted image even or uniform again, once the distorted image or lines become parallel in the reflection you have successfully removed the dents!
4.This model can be attached to a vehicle using its STRONG SUCTION CUP BASE on the flat metal, glass and plastic areas.

WOYO PDR Light Specification:
Output Power: 12W
Luminous Flux: 1200LM
Illumination: 0.5m 750Lx; 1m 180Lx
Color Temperature: 3200K-5500K
Light source: Light Guide Panel
Dimmer Range: 10%-100%
Lifespan: 50000H
DC Power Input: DC 6.5V-17V
Pump suction cups diammeter:2.6 inch*3
Package size: 18.2x2.4x2.5cm
Package weight:1Kg


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