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[新着予約注文] Lonsdor LT20-01 LT20-04 LT20-08 8A+4D Toyota & Lexus Smart Key Convert Smart Key Type Modify Frequency 用 K518S K518ISE KH100 KH100+

ブランド: Lonsdor 商品 番号SA2141 在庫あり。 歴史 4 販売。

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Lonsdor LT20-01 LT20-04 LT20-08 8A+4D Toyota & Lexus Smart Key Convert Smart Key Type Modify Frequency

Lonsdor LT20-01 LT20-04 LT20-08 8A+4D Toyota & Lexus Smart Key

The  Lonsdor LT20 smart key supports 4D and 8A keys, and currently supports the conversion between 4D and 8A keys for Toyota and Lexus.
Product Features:
Stable Functions & Super Quality
Multiple board numbers / Frequency Models
Free & Easy generated by K518/KH100+ series

Instruction of LT20-01 series boards:
Board P1 Frequency(MHz)   Pack Buttons
3370    98 312.00/314.35/315.12/433.92  ASK   Bubble pack Lock, unlock, trunk,panic
A433    98 433.92  ASK Bubble pack Lock, unlock, trunk,panic
F433    98 433.92  FSK Bubble pack Lock, unlock, trunk,panic
5290 98/78 312.00/314.35/315.12/433.92  FSK  Bubble pack Lock, unlock, trunk,panic
0140    94 312.00/314.35/315.12/433.92  ASK Bubble pack Lock, unlock, trunk, panic

Instruction of LT20-04 series boards:
Board P1/P4 Frequency(MHz) Modulation Pack Buttons
0020 P4 [00 00 88 88] 314.35/315.10/312.09/314.35/433.58/434.42   FSK Bubble pack Lock, unlock, trunk,panic
7930 P1 [ 98 ] 312.00/ 314.35/315.12/433.92   FSK Bubble pack Lock, unlock, trunk,panic
2110 P4 [00 00 A8 A8] 314.35/315.10/312.09/314.35/433.58/434.42/312.50/314.00   FSK Bubble pack Lock, unlock, trunk,panic
0010 P4 [00 00 A8 A8] 433.58/434.42/312.09/314.35   FSK Bubble pack Lock, unlock, trunk,panic

Instruction of LT20-08 series boards:
Board P4 Frequency(MHz) Modulation Battery Holder Buttons
0410 P4 [91 00 AA AA]       433.58/434.42   FSK FT02 Lock, unlock, trunk,panic

Current Board numbers:

3370 0780 0020 5691 0120 0410 3330 0351 5380 7930 0010 0440
3950 2020 0351...

Support Frequencies 

314.35/312.09 312.09/314.35 312.50/314.00 433.58/434.42
314.35/315.10 314.35 433.92...

Support Vehicle Models

Toyota: Camry (2015 2021), Levin(2015-2018), Corolla (2015-2019)
Alphard (2015-2021), RAV4 (2015-2021), Land Cruiser (2016-2021),
C-HR (2019-), IZOA (2019- 2021), Wildlander (2021-), prado (2008),
RAV4 (2008- 2011), Highlander (2008 2013), Alphard (2012-),
Yaris (2007-), CROWN (2010-2014)...
Lexus: LS (2013-2016), ES (2006 2012),IS (2009-2015), RX-
(2008 2015)...

Items Functions K518 series KH100P
1 Can be got version information of by.
2 Can be read button functions by.
3 Button's functions can be converted.
4 Can be unlocked by K518 and KH100P.
5 Can be up-graded by.
6 Frequency can be modified by.
7 Copy smart key by K518, KH100P negative. ×
8 Can be converted SW model by.
9 Remote counting data can be modified.
10 Emergency key can be generated.

Q1, Would FT series boards continue producing?
A1: Yes, continue. 
Q2, Are LT20 series including 7000D for Subaru?
A2: not yet. you can wait, ASAP. 
Q3, I have ordered 3370 which belong to FT series, now what new product number of LT20 series, should I order to have the same board item and same function?
A3: LT20-01, it has same board items with 3370, meanwhile has more functions than it. AND it can be converted to be 0140B/D,5290B/D,A433D,F433D. Of course, they have same board items.


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