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Points exchange
The way to get points?
When you buy at, you will get certain points, your points are 10 times of your purchased amount (1 USD=10 point). For example, when you placed an order at, the order amount is 400USD, and then you can get 4000 points at your JOBD2 account.
Our system will calculate your points automatically, and it is for your every order.
 The way to exchange the points
At first, let us explain "exchange" for you: That''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s to say, if you use your points to exchange the discount, you get the discount, at the meanwhile, your will consume the relevant points.
Here is the detailed list for you:

Times: every rate discount (Or the coupon code) can be used 10 times.
 Now you get 4000 points, you have two choices, use "Points Exchange" or go on to accumulate your points for bigger discount.
 If you choose to use the "Points Exchange", you can do as the following pictures showed:

Option one:

1.  Click Coupon Code:

2. Click Points Exchange

3. Choose your discount

4. Click "Apply", and then the discount for you is ok

Option two:

You can directly input the coupon code on the dialog box according to the above table, for 4000 points, you input nl6q, and then click Apply.