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予約注文: 2021新着正規 Autel OTOFIX IM1 自動車のキープログラミングおよび診断ツール 高度なIMMOキープログラミング オンラインで1年間無料アップデート 日本語をサポート

ブランド: OTOFIX 商品 番号SK365 在庫あり。 歴史 12 販売。

市場価格: 101,011
現価: 99,412 2% off
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37cm*30cm*12.5cm ( Inch: 14.57*11.81*4.92 )
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OTOFIX IM1は、高速で使いやすく、ウルトラポータブルなイモビライザーおよびキープログラミングデバイスです。 Androidベースのタッチスクリーンタブレットは、強力なクアッドコアプロセッサ、直感的なデザイン、わかりやすいインターフェイスを備えています。 XP1キープログラマーを搭載したIM1は、イモビライザーシステムに並外れたサービス機能を提供することができます。

OTOFIX IM1 自動車のキープログラミングおよび診断ツール


OTOFIX IM1ツールのハイライト:

5.日本語を含む18以上の言語をサポート-English, Simplified Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish, Persian, Thai, Vietnamese

OTOFIX IM1キープログラマーは、錠前屋向けの自動車用キープログラミングにおける最良の選択です。



1. 高度なキープログラミング
  • Key Programming for More than 2000 Models
  • Add Keys/All Keys Lost via OBD(Some Models)
  • Advanced Features with Subscription
2. IM1スマートIMMO機能

OTOFIX IM1 key programming tool support for expansive list of makes and models, including BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, GM, Ford, Mazda, and Nissa. Equipped with OTOFIX XP1 key programmer to support key read/write and EEPEROM/MCU read/write.

Supports OBD key programming for 80% of vehicle models
Supports read password for Hyundai Kia key ID46, 47, 4A, 8A, etc.
Supports key programming bypassing PIN code for all 2005-2020 Ford models
Supports All Keys Lost programming via OBD for Volkswagen IV, V and MQB IMMO system
Supports key programming bypassing PIN code for 2019-2020 Promaster, DT-RAM, Jeep Commander, etc.
Supports Add Key and All Keys Lost programming via OBD from CAS1 to CAS4 and FEM&BDC IMMO system

3. MAXIFIXによるデジタルメンテナンス

Remote Experts Online Support
Diagnostics Cases on RealFix
One-Touch Upload Report in The Cloud
Devices And Reports Online Management

4. AutoVINテクノロジー

OTOFIX IM1 professional car key programmer scan tool can automatically identify vehicle make, model, and year with AutoVIN/ ScanVIN

5. サブスクリプションの購入による高度な機能

Autel OTOFIX IM1 also is a professional automotive diagnostic scanner that provides full system diagnostics and 26 special services for more than 80 US, Asian and European vehicles by additional purchase 7 advanced features:

1. For Mercedes: All key lost (on vehicle, fast), renew immobilizer components. ( Need XP1 Pro)
2. For BMW: ECU replacement(FEM / BDC,CAS1/23/3+), read ISN by Bench. (Need G-Box2)
3. For Volkswagen: Read PIN by Bench (Need G-Box2), and read PIN by OBD for MED17, MQB ECM replacement and forth-generation replacement
4. For Toyota: All keys lost for transponder 8A. (Need APB112, G-BOX2 and 8A AKL Cable)
5. For Ford/Mazda: PIN bypass for 2020 Mazda (Mazda3 / Cx-30), Ford China and Mazda China(Mazda PMI/Mazda2013+) new parameter reset
6. For Mitsubishi: All keys lost for ID47 smart key
7. Diagnostics: Full systems diagnostics and services functions


One-stop Cloud Service

Remote Expert Support Online
IM1 car diagnostic tool is able to connect seamlessly with OTOFIX cloud service to obtain professional remote expert support online, share diagnostic reports and assist you with any diagnostics problem. (Coming Soon)

Highly Detailed Diagnostics Cases
IM1 key programming tool can provide highly detailed diagnostics cases are available for you to consult anytime. (Coming Soon)

Maintenance Reports Management
With the OTOFIX IM1 key programming & diagnostic scan tool, all maintenance reports are stored in the cloud, allowing you to view device and test records anytime, anywhere. (coming soon)

  • Operating System: Android 9.0
  • Processor: 4x ARM Cortex-A35 (1.5GHz)
  • Screen Display: 7" LCD capacitive touchscreen with 1280*800 resolution
  • Storage: 64 GB
  • DDR: 2 GB
  • Camera: Rear 8M
  • Battery: 5800 mAh
  • Connectivity: USB OTG Type C /USB HOST Type C/ Bluetooth
  • Working Temperature: 0 to 45°C (32 to 113°F)
  • Storage Temperature: -10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F)
  • VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface): V1
Package includes:

1 set x OTOFIX IM1


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Function Autel IM508
Xtool X100 PAD2 KC100
Function detail
Common Immo Key Programming Yes Yes Yes  
Basic Diagnostic Yes, full diagnosis and many service functions Yes, pay for advanced license Full system diagnosis and several service functions Read DTC, clear DTC, scan systems, read datastream etc
Mercedes Advanced programming Yes Yes, pay for advanced license No AKL (fast on car)
Reset IMMO
BMW Advanced programming Yes Yes,pay for advanced license No ECU replacement (CAS1, CAS2, CAS3,
Read ISN code no soldering
VAG Advanced programming Yes Yes,pay for advanced license No Replace MQB ECU
Replace 4th IMMO ECU
Read MED17 ISN via OBD
Read DME ISN on bench
Toyota Advanced programming Yes Yes,pay for advanced license No Toyota H All Keys Lost
Ford/Mazda Advanced programming Yes Yes,pay for advanced license No PIN Bypass function through 2020 on Mazda 3/CX30
Chinese Fprd and Mazda PMI
Mazda 2013- parameter reset
Mitsubishi Advanced programming Yes Yes,pay for advanced license No ID47 proximity all keys lost
Remote Desktop Support Yes Yes No Remote technical support
Update 1 year free update. 1 year free update. 2 Year free update Autel and Otofix released updates frequently